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Educational Speaker

Easy Circle Events is your gateway to a clearer understanding of all things sustainable in the fashion world. 


Game changing community

Easy Circle Events eco-minded vision: Say goodbye to blind clothing donations and false promises and hello to making a difference locally within your friendly community. From I have nothing to wear in my closet, Your closets and clothing donations should never be source of anxiety, think eco-minded clothes swap events and become a game-changer member away from textile waste and environmental pollution. Slow fashion, Fast Fashion, Declutter and donate well to charities and locally. Support local entrepreneur, start-up and business, mompreneur Marina Cherelle Brunel.

Our engaging and knowledgeable speaker will unravel the complexities of textile waste, decluttering, thrift shopping, and more. Textile waste deserves our attention, and we're here to shed light on it. Reach us and choose to be part of a game-changing community.

Send us a message and define your needs, location, expected availability :

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