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VIP Eco-minded Clothes Swap Events

We'll curate a private and joyful event exclusively for you and your closest friends. Enjoy the privacy you desire!


VIP Events

Easy Circle Events eco-minded vision: Say goodbye to blind clothing donations and false promises and hello to making a difference locally within your friendly community. From I have nothing to wear in my closet, Your closets and clothing donations should never be source of anxiety, think eco-minded clothes swap events and become a game-changer member away from textile waste and environmental pollution. Slow fashion, Fast Fashion, Declutter and donate well to charities and locally. Support local entrepreneur, start-up and business, mompreneur Marina Cherelle Brunel.

This personalized experience is reserved for your group. All extra volume of unused clothes will be seamlessly integrated into our community Eco-minded Clothes Events and entrusted to our valued partners. We're here to ensure convenience and a memorable experience for you!

Stay tuned for an upcoming special offer!

Dear friend, join our waiting list for this service. We'll notify you as soon as it's ready for your private friendship group.

Thanks for you subscription!

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